Sunday, December 5, 2010

Scrooge's Dream...

We attended the Mammoth Lakes Foundation dinner last organization originally founded by Dave and Roma McCoy to support the Cerro Coso College.   
Our evening included attending the third viewing of the community theater's production of 
Charles Dicken's Christmas Carol.

Scrooge just after Marley's visitation...

Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig's Christmas party during Scrooge's Christmas Past visitation...

The Spirit of Christmas Present...

Part of the fun of small town community theater is sitting in the audience and recognizing the cast members!  Now, we've only been in town for 5 months, and we already were recognizing quite a number....several Rotarians (including the Spirit of Christmas Present), the guy who fixed our thermostat, our neighbor and local realtor, one of the post office women...

What was most astounding about this evening though...was finding out that this was the Hubman's very first time seeing A Christmas Carol!!!

Now, on many occasions, I've taken the granddaughters, my step-daughter and our daughter-in-law all to see this at the Glendale Center Theater, which is always an outstanding production...and never once did he mention that he had never seen this play...

I am remiss in my duties as the Chieftess in that I did not know this...I swear a solemn oath to pay more attention to the Hubman's cultural exposure in the future!!!

(Somehow...I just don't think he's as concerned as I am!)


  1. I love that -- seeing the guy who fixed your thermostat in a play.

    If you want to give the Chief a real fright, threaten him with opera.

    WV: Ablessn. Small towns are a blessn.

  2. I don't think he has to worry about opera Hiker...ballet, maybe...(If I remember correctly, I think he did take me to see the Nutcracker when we were dating...)

  3. That time we saw The Nutcracker was the first and only time I've seen it. The only reason we saw that performance is because the daughter of a friend of the Chieftess was a performer. My cultural education is now complete - I've seen live, local theater performances of both the Nutcracker and A Christmas Carol. Now give me back my remote!

  4. Oh, I can tell the Chief is going to be a hard sell ...

  5. Chief, maybe you could support local theater as a good way to keep the youngsters off the streets. Oldsters, too, apparently.

  6. You make me smile!!
    Sounds like great fun!

  7. It was fun Lisa!!! Glad to "see" you smiling!!!