Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Frosty's Girlfriend...

I know...she looks a bit frazzled...she was fresher yesterday when I didn't have my camera.
But then what can you expect when you live in the forest at the side of the road and a darned snow fall comes around and drops 4 inches of snow on you???


  1. At last - gender equality in the snowperson area.

  2. very funny, keep warm in all that snow! all ours has melted now and we are back to grey and dreary skies.

  3. Mammoth strives to promote gender equality in all species!!!

    Thanks Justine!!! We seem to have snow fall, then snow melt, then snow fall, then snow melt!!! It'll be interesting to see how we fare in the full on winter...although, one of the best attributes of Mammoth is that when it's not snowing, it's California blue skies and sunshine!!! Just a bit colder in the winter!!!!

  4. Hahahaha, Linda!

    I love this one, Kathy.

  5. She´s really great!!!! Red hair as well, hihi...