Monday, December 13, 2010

Road Trip!!!

The Hubman and I took a little road trip to Reno was a tough sell, but I finally convinced him to pull off the side of the road (he picked the Mono Lake vista point at Carson Summit)
for a few photos...

I suspect that with the amount of salt in the water it stays much warmer than a freshwater lake...thus the fog covering the entire lake...but then, that's just my guess!!!


  1. It's Conway Summit, and I also pulled over so she could take some photos of Topaz Lake.

  2. Isn't this where NASA found the arsenic eating amoeba?

  3. Wow - that is an amazing landscape!

  4. Yes it is, Wayne. I don't think I'll go swimming there.

  5. Poor you. You must be so bored with all that beauty.

  6. Actually, DBW was quite compliant with my desires to stop and shoot!!!

    Didn't I hear that that arsenic eating amoeba is actually a good thing???

    Thanks LadyFi! One of the most unusual terrains I've ever visited!

    It's certainly not boredom Petrea...more like frustration...too many gorgeous scenes, not enough time to shoot!!!