Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Taking Time to find new Treasures...

Anyone who has had a Coke, knows that finding an actual Coca Cola bottling company is a 
Timeless Treasure!!! 

Theme day for the City Daily Photo is Time...

ABC Wednesday is the letter "T"


  1. Wow--That's a new take on the weathered, old red barn, eh?

  2. Have you been to Benton yet? some nice hieroglyphics out that way

  3. Off topic, but I just bought a bottle of Coke from Mexico in my local store. It was pricy, $1.39 for a 12-ounce bottle (BOTTLE, bot plastic), but it had sugar, not the high fructose corn syrup. BETTER!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Hi ChIlMama!!! Welcome! Yep...that's what I thought it was until I pulled up alongside!!! Didn't have my slr so whipped out my Droid X!!!

    Been to Benton PA...but went to the hot springs with friends...didn't know about the hieroglyphics...where are they???

    I'm jealous Rog!!! Glad to hear Mexico is still behind the times and using real sugar!!! Corn syrup is the worst!!!

    Thanks Lisa!!! It was a find!!!

  5. I'm always looking for THE REAL THING! In Croatia, the local coke-like product is called Cockta (that came out when I was little and my grandma would not let me drink it because it was junk food - she was very progressive by today's standards - very old fashioned by mine back then). My son had fun with that label last summer.

    Fabulous treasure hunt find. Some fancy reflection going on there too.

  6. What a lovely take on the word time. And what a find! Love the sheen on the outside too.

  7. I hope Croatia hasn't succumbed to the high fructose corn syrup trend!!! Is Cockta THE REAL THING???

    Thanks Justine!!!

    Thanks Jilly!!! It was definitely a find!!!

  8. the road leading to them is across the highway from the Pilsberry (sp?)ranch which is on the right. You can find them online. I think it's connected to USC or UCLA archeology deprtment

    Were those hot springs ushered into a series of old oak wine vats/barrels?

  9. No PA...they had quite civilized tiled (but rustic looking) baths that can seat about 12 people or so...they were outdoors...our friends go there several times a year to get away from it all (it can get a bit stressful up here in God's country...or so I'm told!!!)