Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quick!!! I've got to find my camera!!!

Sunset over the Village...

I started to grab my camera to go get a shot of what was starting to be a really nice sunset...then I realized that Miss Daisy really needed to go out...I dropped the camera, got Daisy, helped her downstairs, and took her out...
The Chief and Father Mike were driving up the street..."Quick!!!  Can you take Miss Daisy???  I've got to get my camera!!!"
I missed the part that prompted my first desire to grab the camera...but OH!!!
I think it was worth it!!!


  1. Parfait my dear. You caught it beautifully. WOW. This could be a future header you know! :)

  2. Absolutely worth it. (Give Daiz a hug.)

  3. the gloaming hour with that last second of blush. I once took repeated pictures of a pink cloud. On the second shot (and between camera recovery: 5 secs?) I lost the blush. That fast

  4. The golden hour does go fast up here PA...probably a total of about 15 minutes of varying degrees of color...the beginning was a beautiful Peachy color...but the fire in these clouds were a catch!!!

    One Daisy hug, done!!!

    Thank you V!!! Didn't think of this for a header shot!!! Great idea!!! Maybe down the road apiece!!!

  5. Miss Daisy is doing remarkably well. She reminds me of my father who suffered from Alzheimer's disease for more than 10 years and finally passed away almost two years ago. One brother lives in American Samoa and he would come to visit the family once a year. Each time the Samoan came, the Mexican brother and I would all agree it was probably the last time the whole family would be together. This went on for almost 10 years before the old man died.

    Daisy is like that. She was on death's door at Thanksgiving, diagnosed with liver cancer. We know her time is short, but we brought her home for as long as she was comfortable and not in pain. Initially, she was very weak and had to be carried outside to take care of business. Every day she's gotten stronger and is now almost back to normal. She's happy, pain free, and we're glad we didn't take the advice of some who said we should have put her down when she was diagnosed. We know her time is coming, sooner rather than later, and we expect she'll take a sudden turn for the worse and we'll know what to do. But in the meantime, we're enjoying our time together, even when it interferes with The Chieftess's photography. Thanks for all the kind thoughts and words for Miss Daisy. She appreciates them.

  6. Whatever part you got Kathryn, it is truly lovely!

  7. Thank you for the Daisy update. Warmed my heart.

    (And the father story made me smile. Not unlike my boxer. Now that she's almost 15, everytime she gets sick I think, "Ok, this is it. Say goodby." But she's a tough old goat, and bounces back and feels fine.)

  8. Thank you Lisa and Lady Fi!!!

    AH...Daisy actually went down the stairs all by herself today!!! She had trouble getting back up but she's doing soooo much better!!! Thank you for your hug and warm heart!!! Daisy sends furry, wet kisses!!!