Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Are you sick of winter???

Quite a few of my blogger friends have expressed frustration with winter and a desire for spring...
this post is dedicated to you all!!!

Take a gander at the view out our second story window!!!  

Ok...back to reality...the top photo really is from our second story window...the snow is about 2 feet below the window sill!   
But I'm really not sick of winter yet!!!  No...REALLY!!!  I'm not!!!  I think it's because right now it's crystal blue skies outside and warm enough to go out in a sweatshirt rather than all bundled up.  The beauty of a Mammoth winter is that in between snow storms, it looks like this...

What's a little snow on the ground???

(Thank you Justine for letting me know that the first post just plain didn't work!!!)


  1. Dear Chieftess,
    If I were up there in the mountains, I woudn´t be sick of winter too! It looks so priestine and friendly out there!
    Very slowly it´s getting warmer here and we all are longing very hard for this. First spring flowers outside are greeting us, so everythings fine.
    Enjoy your time in that marvelous setting!

  2. Thank you Elisabeth!!! It really is was light sweater weather...not bad with all this snow!!!

  3. lol.

    reminds me of the ha-ha that used to get passed around. the couple retires to their mountain cabin. the snow will be GREAT, the air will be wonderful...and degrades by day 89 of winter into foul language at the f*$%^#g snow blower/plow/white crap to "we're buying a place in Florida" type commentary.

    glad you're actually enjoying it tho!

  4. No, I'm not tired of your winter at all.

    WV: Kingerr. Sounds nordic.

  5. Good for you with that bright perky positive attitude! Keep it up. You're right though, you live in one beautiful place. I'm glad you all are having so much fun there.

  6. Love that bluebird shot!

    We still have lots of snow too, but as the sun is shining and it feels warm-ish out of the wind, I can't help but feel happy!

  7. You made me laugh Hiker!!!

    Snow is so much nicer than rain Virginia...and when the sky clears up in between storms...what could be more beautiful?!!

    I agree's easy to enjoy the snow when the sun's out and the sky is blue....and especially when it's sweater weather!!! BTW...the bluebird photo is not was part of the whole email sent to me and that I traced on numerous other internet sites...I don't know who's photo it is or I would give credit...I'm assuming it's just one of those funnies that circulates forever on the internet...

  8. you make winter look so lovely, adore that little bird sitting there!

  9. I wish I could take credit for the bird's off the internet with the "poem" bluebirds up here that I've seen...a few Chickadees...but haven't gotten any shots of them!!!

  10. What Winter? Its 80+ d's here in SoCal! Not a cloud in the sky beyond the blue variety.

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  12. What a heavenly place to live! Your photos are so crisp that I feel that I could reach in and touch the snow and trees, even blow on that wisp of clouds in the last shot! That bluebird is so funny and he definitely looks "irritated" to say the least!


  13. Well's 50+ degrees up here...with views of the Sherwin Mountain range up close and personal every time I go to the grocery store...I think I'm liking it up here!!!

    It is pure heaven up here Genie!!! And at this altitude, we're practically there!!!

  14. OK. I'm laughing out loud at the commentary on the Bluebird of Happiness!! It sure is cute, tho. It's amazing how beautiful I think the snow is while being here in Laguna Beach. (Actually, we were awakened at 4:45am warning us of a possible tsunami.) Steve sends his regards. Is wondering if Dan was able to shovel this latest snowfall.

  15. I hope you didn't evacuate to higher ground. If the tsunami got to you, there'd be a real problem. I talked to a salesperson from somewhere back east today and when she learned I was from California she asked if we were okay with the tsunami. I told her I live at 8000 feet and don't think it will get here.