Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ice Sculptures...

"Silent icicles, Quietly shining to the quiet moon."
Samuel Talor Coleridge

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  1. I like this, great diagonal lines. Very interesting

  2. Perfect quote to accompany the photo - and the photo works well in monochrome.

  3. THis is fabulous. Sorry about the weather but you've made....lemonade! :)

  4. Amazingly gorgeous photo!

  5. Thank you Robin!!!! The icicles around our house last week were amazing...

    Thanks Louis! It was unbelievably hard to find a good quote that fit icicles!!! Glad you liked it!!!

    Yep Virginia...I hadn't been out and about much for the past week...a few runs to the grocery store and that was ops were limited...then I was looking out the window at these monstrous icicles and started playing!!! They'd probably make great lemonade too!!!

    Thank you LadyFi!!!

  6. Fine black and white. Lines, shapes, texture... Your icicles are amazing.

  7. Thank you Dragonstar!!! Never having lived in snow before...I'm constantly amazed by the icicles around our house!!! During the last storm I didn't want to go out and take photos and I just started going around the house shooting the icicles and snow drifts from inside!!! I got caught up in it and then when I downloaded them and started playing with them I got excited cropping and shifting to B&W...turned out much better than I ever expected, and lot's of fun!!!