Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's still snowing...

It's been snowing off and on since last Wednesday...
I keep seeing posts of Spring flowers and sunshine in my blogging excursions...
But ya know what?  It's ok!!!  I'm still liking the snow!!!  
Ask me again next week...


  1. belle vision de cette neige, ici c'est le printemps

    Publicity ;o) Every Friday (and the Weekend), The Challenge "Walk In The Street Photography"

  2. That is gorgeous! But it also makes me want to say, you live in CA, right? ;D

  3. lovely shot, we are basking in sunshine today, makes such a lovely change.

  4. lol...tol' ya to hang on to your hat! ;-)

    We've had 4"+ of rain since Sat and more spritzles this morning. Growing webbed feet on my edge of the state.

    I have to say, your precipitation is prettier than mine!

  5. Merci, Walk in New York!!!! Je vous remercie pour votre visite et commenter!!!

    Thank you Kaori! Yes, we live in Mammoth Lakes the Eastern Sierras. Our home is at 8000 feet altitude!!! We still have California sunshine regularly...between storms!!!

    Justine...we had about 6 weeks of sunshine from the end of Dec until we're making up for it!!!

    You were right Trish!!! No webbed feet for me...just snow tires!!!

  6. So beautiful. I picture you in a comfy chair drinking hot chocolate. A winter day in springtime.

  7. Margaret...One of the prettiest things during and after a heavy snowfall is all the snow on the branches of the pines!!!

    That was yesterday Susan!!! Today it's blue skies and sunshine!!! I was even too warm in my quilted "sleeping-bag-coat" today!!! Today's sunshine is a surprise...we were expecting snow again...yay sunshine!!!

  8. As I live in a place where there's NEVER snow, I'm glad to see it in your pictures!We always like what we have not, don't we?..:)

  9. Are you kidding me??? FOR THE LOVE!! Ya'll come down here and stay awhile .

  10. I know Malyss...I very much enjoy photos of the ocean!!! the sun was shining and the sky was bright blue...with shimmering snow on the mountains and dry pavement on the of the perks of living in the Eastern Sierras instead of the dreary snowy weather so many other snowy areas have to endure!!!