Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bishop to Mammoth...42 miles...and about 4000 feet!!!

I heard on the radio news today that it was 81 degrees in Bishop...
And snowy and windy in Mammoth!!!!
It's been blowing up a storm here...haven't seen much snow since this morning though!


  1. oh that sky is so beautiful against the brown of the tree and vegetation, what a fantastic shot. By the way have you had any luck at redbubble? I signed up but no one has bought anything...

  2. was that from someone on the ground in bishop, or just a report?

    we used to "get reports" from them that it was 93F in Big Bear...alas, they were taking temps at March AFB...technically close, but nothing LIKE Big Bear at all

  3. A striking photo.

    WV: Apokin. With the brown branches apoking the blue sky.

  4. Thank you Justine!!! I am absolutely mesmerized by these trees in Bishop! As for RedBubble, I've not worked at it...and no I haven't sold anything either...I'm inclined to think of it as more of a support site for photographers and artists...not as much a sales site...

    The weather report was from the radio announcer in Bishop so I'm inclined to believe it!!! It certainly was accurate about Mammoth's weather!!!

    Thanks Hiker! I love all those brown branches apokin the sky!!!

  5. love the stark concept---but oh so beautiful.

    haven't used redbubble, tho it intrigues me and perhaps in my spare time... As with most sites, if you put the effort into promoting, you'll get the traffic to make sales.

    hang onto your hat Kathy---if y'all get any part of the storm we're expecting tonight->weekend, you're going to need more than a shovel to get about. We're expecting 1-2 inches of rain in the next day or so (this is me making sure I have my rain boots and extra socks on hand).

  6. thanks for the warning Trish! We had a fair amount of snow yesterday, and are expecting it again this weekend...from Fri through Mon! Yesterday's snow was a bit warm and wet...I found myself being sad that spring is almost here and that the snow will be melting soon...I may regret that thought!!