Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cruisin' in the Eastern Sierras I took off driving north towards Nevada...
stopping here and there for a photo op...
cruisin' the highway with my sun roof open and the music playin'...

Classic 50's motel...
getting ready for fishing season...
Walker Canyon, California


  1. I love old signs. And if they have neon, all the better.

  2. I miss these old signs along our highways. Not many left. Saddened by the corpratization of starkness in advertizing.

  3. Wow - looks like a sign from a film! Cool shot.

  4. Thanks all!!! It was a leisurely drive...with this sign and a few other spots as my photographic destination points!!! No corporate signage here in Walker Rob...'cause it's so small if you blink you'll miss it!!!

  5. hee hee...
    Carolyn (ODP) has already written what «Louis» is thinking!

  6. Love these old signs. so futuristic and retro looking at the same time!

    and I have started playing with Picnik to add some free fun to my photos.

  7. Thank you VioletSky!!! I've never heard of certainly had some fun with it on your koi! I played with Lightroom presets on this one...