Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Keep your Keister safe!!!

It's the Letter K for ABC Wednesday!!!

Don't get your Kayak's out just yet!!!  Snow and ice still abound so protect your Keister and Keep your boots on!!!  It's not that I want to put the Kybosh on your fun, but you might want to go to your neighborhood cafe and have a coffee Klatch complete with Kuchen and Kindred spirits...

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After a week and a half of record breaking snow...
(over...600 inches since the beginning of the season)

...the temps this week are expected to get up into the 60's!!!

Let the snow melt begin!!!

(Even though there's another storm brewing for this weekend!)


  1. Ketchy, Kathy! ;-)

    We're aiming for 70f in our neck of the woods today. I'm looking for my shorts and praying my neon white legs don't blind someone!

  2. Yes, we're expecting snow in Albany, NY on Friday. Still, glad you're on the keister protection patrol.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. I was at a lake this past weekend that looked similar to this - and that is indeed what I did (have a coffee klatch with kindred spirits)

  4. Trish...a few diehard guys have beeb wearing shorts up here for the past week!!! It got up into the 50's today!!!

    Glad to help Rog!!! I have a feeling Spring thaw and periodic icings are going to be a bit dicey still!!!

    Always nice to have a coffee klatch with kindred spirits VioletSky!!!

  5. Wow. And I have dared to complain about the little bit of snow we got.
    Donna - ABC Team

  6. Very clever K. It seems like it should be kayak time but the weather doesn't indicate that.

  7. Record year, Misfit!!!

    Probably two months yet Tumblewords!!! But fishing season starts soon!!!

  8. I think you're gonna have to wait til summer for that snow to melt!

  9. Wow! Off to Nevada eh? Fascinating!
    Hopefully we have seen the back of the snow - she said, fingers crossed!
    Enjoy your trip and thanks for contributing to ABC Wednesday.

  10. Is there no end to this 6 month winter?!

  11. It's actually melting pretty fast Cafe!!! On my drive to Walker yesterday I was astounded at the vastness of the areas where the snow had melted completely...just since Sunday!!! Now, on "the mountain"...that's another story!!!

    Just a leisurely drive Mrs Nesbit...didn't actually go to Nevada yesterday...

    Rob...I'm sure there'll be skiing through July 4th up here...fortunately, in town, summer is on it's way!!!

  12. Warm enough for snow melt Margaret!!!

    Thank you Louis!!!

  13. several Tahoe resorts are saying they will be open thru Memorial Day for sure, one suggested open thru 4th July...but we'll see. reports from Mammoth were that they'd at least stay open thru Mem Day. I'd still like a piece of action on *whether* 120 will open this year, not when, but if. If y'all had 50 ft of base, can only imagine what's up there!

    and so far, looks like the storm may brush past both of us without much damage-other than the requirement that I give up my shorts for Saturday...85F in my neck of the woods today, Sat expected to be 58F!

  14. Wow, you have had a lot of snow this season. Stunning shot and great take on the letter K.

  15. Trish...we were open last year until the 4th...and I'm guessing with as much snow as we have now, we may be again this year...especially if we get a few more storms which is likely. I went skiing today and was hot!!! Not talent wise...temp wise!!! It was 62f when I came off the mountain!!!

    Thank you Carver!!!

    Thank you NatureFootstep!!!