Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bridge of Ice...

"Sometimes, if you aren't sure about something, you have to just jump off the bridge
and grow wings on your way down."
Danielle Steele


  1. Oh my God, it looks like deepest winter!
    By us spring has arrived and we are so happy about that fact! From that point I like this pics!
    Have a good snowy time, Dear!

    Greetings from Austria

  2. If you look closely Hiker, you might see the Snow Queen wisping by!!!

    We've had well over 50 feet of snow here Elisabeth...we live in the town of one of California's premier ski resorts so snow is a good thing...and so far, I'm not tired of it...but then again, this is only our first winter up here!!!

  3. Gorgeous. I like the quote, too. It's a nice variation on "leap and the net will appear."

  4. Great quote to go with that gorgeous icy picture.

  5. Thank you Petrea!!! I thought it was great that it was a Danielle Steele quote...a bit of a surprise!!!

    Thank you Lady Fi!!!

  6. The snow on the tree looks like icing on a cake. Everything is all wintry but looks more delicious than cold.

  7. Indeed, the quote is a nice tie-in. Excellent addition to Sunday Bridges.

  8. I like your take on it Oakland!!! On our drive home yesterday from Grass Valley, I kept thinking how the mountains covered with snow look liked mountain sundaes covered in Marshmallow!!!

    Thank you Louis!!! I chose the quote because I was definitely taking a leap in interpretation of the bridges theme!

  9. This is just totally, totally cool.