Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is it really time for Easter decorations???

We've had 5-8 feet of snow in the last 5 days...
Probably about 2 feet just today...
You'd think if you were smart, you'd stay inside by the fire with a cup of cocoa...

But nooooo....some of us "local" die hards go to the grocery store because we're out of trash bags...

To give you a bit of perspective...this is our second story window...

Our December storm is the last time snow was this deep on the deck...

Remember the patio furniture with umbrella???

For some odd reason...this is the only Easter decoration I've managed to put out...basically 'cause I bought it last week at Dwayne's Friendly Pharmacy!!!


  1. OH, those March snows! Hopefully the snow will disappear as quickly as it comes.

  2. We'll see LadyFi, we'll see!!! It's supposed to snow again tonight!!!

  3. I think it is definitely time for Easter decorations! And maybe a visit to LA.

  4. Goodness me, I would really have had enough of the snow by now!

  5. great photos. I'm in this spring snow zone too!

  6. Winchester...I have to say...I do much better with snow than rain!!!

    Thank you Meryl! Always nice to know others are in the same!!!

  7. I noticed immediately that the last snow scene (which I LOOOOOVE) and the shapes of the Easter decorations are evocative of one another. Nice placement. Was that intentional or the unconscious mind at work? The Easter vignette could be interesting as B&W for that reason. I'd be rearranging that and playing with the lighting all day and not get another thing done! Good thing we live far apart, eh?? Ha ha!
    by the way, we have a HUGE Christmas wreath still on the side of our house as we, too have loads of snow, making spring seem like a dream. So, we've left it up and I've swapped the red bow and berries for pastel colored Easter eggs. Take THAT Mother Nature!

  8. Thank you Robin!!! As for the placement of the photos/repetitive shapes...purely the subconscious mind at work!!!

  9. Gosh!!
    I do hope you will have a nice long summer!:)

  10. Most likely there will be skiing through July 4th Gunn!!! Fortunately, that's on "the Mountain"...we're starting to see patches of dirt and old lawns in town!!!