Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where are we???

I'll give you three guesses where we are for the conference...and the first two don't count!!!

I had to get a picture of the dancing hippo...
When I was a little girl, I was pretty tall and gangly...with long legs and big feet.  I took ballet and loved it...dancing my way down the hallway in the house regularly...
Our floors were linoleum throughout the whole house, with a raised foundation...making it conducive to carrying sound...
As I danced away in the hallway, my middle sister told me...
"You look like the ostrich's in Fantasia and sound like the hippos..."
...put a bit of a damper in my enthusiasm for ballet!!!


  1. Love the pics! The only place I can think of is Disneyland...

  2. Anaheim? Got your ears yet Kathy?

  3. uhm, I know, I know, you went to Idaho! ;-)

    Hippos remind me of Henrietta Hippo from New Zoo Revue---then again, I always thought she was a lovely gal, and I have a thing for southern drawl, so, being called a hippo in my book---not so bad. And, well, I tried toe shoes, once. No one could find shoes big enough for me (am currently wearing a pair of men's crocs, size 11), nevermind a tutu that I'd agree to. The minor fact of being told I sounded like a clodhopper, didn't help either. So that was the end of my ballet career.

    Have fun with Mickey, shopping and the lack of snow!

  4. You're ALL right!!! Disneyland in Anaheim!!! We're actually staying in the Disneyland hotel which I'm sure was Tomorrowland state of the art in the 60's!!! They're in the process of renovating the hotel so there's been a bit of construction going on. The events have been very nice, with good food and nicely "staged". We had the opportunity last night to take photos with either Mickey or Goofey in his policeman's uniform!!! (We didn't get no ears for me!!!)

    How funny that we had such similar experiences as kids Trish! I've had to wear my share of men's shoes...hiking boots, ski boots...which is fine for the length, but when you've got a narrow's hard to find a good fit!!! LOL!!!

  5. In all fairness to the middle big sis once held me over the toilet after an extensive tickle fight and threatened to flush me's tough being the little sis...but we get the last laugh...'cuz no matter how old we get...I'll always be the youngest!!!

  6. Oooo, goody, early ballet humiliations. From the ages of 4-7, I took ballet and lived in a black leotard and black tights. And judging from the photos, I was all skinny legs and arms with one big Biafran belly. One time after a recital I asked my mom, "What do you think?" And she said, "I think you should hold your stomach in."

  7. lol on the older sis...I, thankfully, didn't have to worry about that, but I did have a father, uncle & 2 grandfathers who thought it was their job to tickle me. I learned how to use these feet for defense & kick them!

    narrow? oh, I can do you one better Chieftess on the foot thing...I've got these boats for feet, but they are wide at the toebox/ball and narrow at the heel---so if I can get them wide enough I don't have to tuck my big toe and pinkie toes, they slip out of the heel when I walk. G-d has a SICK sense of humor.

    years ago when I still tried to wear heels, my father's g/f took me to Nordstrom's. We sat down, the guy asked me what I'd like to try on. I said "Well, what do you have in my size?" (thinking the std answer of "that black, orthopedic chunk" was coming at me). He again asked "what would you like to try on?". We repeated this a few times until he finally said "pick a shoe miss, we will most likely have it in stock for you". I think I tried on 50 shoes that day, JUST BECAUSE I COULD!

    AH---nothing like telling a young girl to suck it in!

  8. Trish...I know what you mean about shoe shopping at Nodie's! My one stop shoe shopping place!

  9. "Biafran belly"! I LOVE that descrption! I think we are sisters in ballet humiliation Hiker!!!