Tuesday, March 8, 2011

100 Words for Snow...

It appears that there seems to be a dispute among linguists and/or academics in regards to the claim that Eskimos have over 100 words for snow...

Well...I'm here to tell you...after living here in Mammoth this snow season...I've discovered that there are very definitely different kinds of snow...

Sometimes it's flaky and soft, sometimes it's wet and slushy, sometimes it's like little tiny pellets, (sometimes it's yellow...)  and's all squiggly like this!!!

And not from XC skiing or from's a single track doing loop de loops...
Any ideas as to what it was???


  1. Snow is OK but it is more tiresome than sunshine.

  2. no idea what it is, can't believe there are so many words for snow, love the simplicity of this shot.

  3. Abe..I wonder what the Inuit word for "snow is ok" is???

    Thank you Justine!!!

  4. well, can't be crop circles, MUST be snow circles!

  5. I try, I try! life is too short to not laugh at least a few times a day!

    perhaps Karin's ballerinas were out dancing on the snow with those head-things? ;-)

    wv: recry...the first cry wasn't good enough, we had to recry it all out!

  6. Trish...I'd love to connect with you via email but you don't have a profile...send me an email if you're interested!!!