Thursday, November 11, 2010

Breaking the rules...

The Creative Exchange

Some of you may have met Lisa in the comments section of MMLDP,
but have you been to visit her blog???
Lisa has a very unique and beautiful style in her photography, including using polaroids!!!
Now, the reason I am featuring Lisa in my blog post is because she initiated a unique challenge in creativity in her group, the Creative Exchange...
In her last post, she mentions that she just finished an on-line photography course where she learned all the rules...then the last project was to break the rules!!!
So I decided to join courses generally frown on shooting into the sun...but I've found I rather enjoy the this one's for you Lisa, and your Creative Exchange!!!


  1. Thank you so very much for this lovely post! I am truly very humbled. What a fantastic idea for The Creative Exchange. I have still in no way mastered (or even come close) shooting into the sun. In a previous course (exposure), there were 2 entire lessons on it, and some of mine were okay, but I am not consistent with success.

    You have done a gorgeous job here with these. They are so beautiful.

    Thank you again. You've truly made my day.


  2. The photos are fantastic. The blues are so deep and, I never thought about it, but you're right about shooting into the sun. You've found a marvelous way to do it.

  3. I do that all the time, I love the effect of shooting into the sun! Beautiful shots!

  4. Well deserved Lisa!!! Thank you for gently pushing me to explore my "Creative Edge"!!!

    Thank you Margaret!!! I keep hearing the instructors at the photo school I went to in the southland..."keep the sun at your back" when I take these!!! Oh well!!!

    Thanks Hiker and Tricia!

  5. Stunning pics! Love them all and shooting into the sun this way has proved very effective,

  6. fantastic breaking of the rules, stunning pictures.

  7. Thank you Barb and Justine!!! I find that I'm often out with my camera in the middle of the day, not the best time for shooting pics the instructors always say...but I've found that I rather like that shining sun!!!

  8. I love shooting into the sun. I do it all the time. Your results are gorgeous.