Saturday, November 13, 2010

Early Morning Surprise!

You may not know this...but I am not an early riser.  I am a night owl, and like to sleep later than the average person...a trait that endeared me to the Hubman's heart when we were dating.  
Thursday morning, I got up just before 9, and decided I'd best take Miss Daisy out for her morning my pj's, I put on my slippers and Daisy and I went out through the garage...only to find all the neighbors congregating in our driveway, coffee cups in hand...
Across the street, a quite magnificent pine tree was in the process of being cut down...
Apparently, there was a considerable amount of rot going on in the inner core, and the tree was leaning decidedly...(towards our side of the street no less!).   Sooo, the neighbors decided to ere on the side of caution, and before it fell on it's own accord, decided to take it down.   
Now, mind you, it's cold...I'm in my pj's...Daisy's doing her thing while greeting the neighbors...and they're dodging land mines while drinking steaming cups of coffee...
Well...I decided that it would be prudent, and quite a bit warmer, if I went in and changed, and of course, got my camera.  So I did...

Just as I came back down and walked out, the tree began to fall...
It was an amazing sight...and of course...I just wasn't fast enough to get the camera up to my eye to get the shot of it falling...
The above picture is immediately after it fell...

This picture gives you a good idea of just how big this tree was...

If you look closely, you'll see that the saw blade is just about as tall as the man holding it!!!

I have to say...these guys definitely knew what they were doing.  They used no guide wires to guide the tree as it fell, and with only about a half dozen guys working, they got the tree cut up and cleared away by mid day...
Our neighbors are going to have wood for the next 30 years!!!

(Ooops!  I goofed in my posting times/dates and can't get this to "unpost" and then re-post tomorrow!!!)


  1. This must have been something to see! It is enormous!! Really evident in the last shot. Wonderful captures of it!
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Thank you Lisa!!! It WAS ENORMOUS!!! Really a fascinating experience watching them drop the tree and then cut it all up and remove it...Not something you see every day!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend too!!!

  3. You hate to see one like this go down, but better it than your house. Great photos.

  4. My sentiments exactly Petrea!!!

    Thanks Mr. E!!!

  5. ok
    i know you have too but i just don't want to see it...nonono I'm closing my eyes no, I'm looking down at the keys, no i'm leaving

  6. I know how you feel PA!!! It was fascinating to watch, but also really, really sad...