Monday, November 8, 2010

What's that white stuff again???

Yesterday morning and all day long it was a cross between rain and snow...nothing stuck on the ground,
it melted as it landed.  Then, around 4 or 5 this afternoon, it started to definitely was snowing!

The house across the street...

Well, it's still snowing...and they're expecting more you think maybe winter is coming???


  1. Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's snowing already! Is that usual for there?
    It doesn't usually snow here until Jan or Feb & even then it's only a couple inches.

  2. I love the look of snow and the big flakes floating down... The first photo almost looks like a paint pattern on the chair, but that last one leaves no question about whether or not it is snow!

    Nice photos,

  3. This is about the right time for snow to start Tricia...Mammoth always hopes for snow before Thanksgiving...last year we had over 40 feet of snow for the year...they were still skiing on the 4th of July!!!

    Thanks Genie! This was a mild snow storm...about 6 inches over about 4-6 hour time span...from what I've heard, there are times when it snows a couple of feet in an hour!!! This is our Grand Adventure!!! From flip flops to snow boots!!!

  4. Second shot from the top is classic. Should be a Holiday card or a postcard or something.

  5. Your third photo in particular reminds me of how snow in portrayed in Japanese woodblock prints.

  6. We got just about the same amount here today. Sure different than the forecasted 50 degree temps! Wonderful shots, and yes, I think it's here!

  7. Ahhhh, real weather. I can taste it.

  8. Wowowowow! Gorgeous! I'm not a skier but I love hot chocolate and schnapps by the fire.

  9. I like that idea Mr E!!! I'm in the process of starting a red bubble site...maybe I'll put that one up!!!

    Thank you Oakland DP!!! I take that as a high compliment!!!

    This is my first winter living snow Lisa!!! It's all a new experience for me!!! Today I had my first opportunity to shovel snow...can't say as that's one of my favorite first experiences!!!

    Does it taste like hot chocolate Hiker??? Or maybe mulled wine???

    Sounds good to me Petrea!!! The Hubman isn't a skier either...he prefers sitting in the lodge sipping a hot chocolate...probably with a bit of Bailey's in it!!!