Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Closing up for the Season...

Ooops!!!  Still haven't gotten the hang of the Daily Photo!!!  On Monday I drove 300+ miles to Glendale so that I could vote on Tuesday, and totally forgot to post!!!  But I voted!!!  Then I drove 300+ miles back home today to enjoy the Hubman's and my anniversary!!!  Most of the fine restaurants have closed for a few weeks, waiting for the  snow season we drove to June Lake for a lovely dinner at Carson Peak Lodge...  

Nope...this isn't Carson Peak Lodge...

Convict Lake boat rentals, closed for the winter

The seasons are a'changin'...we're in "shoulder season"..."the in between" between Fishing, hiking, camping season and ski/snowboard season...


  1. Happy Anniversary, you exemplary citizen.

    (I've never heard of Shoulder Season, before.)

  2. Aw shucks, Hiker!!! Thanks for the well wishes!!!

    We've learned a lot up here...especially about Shoulder Season!!!