Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Quandary of "Q"...

"Q" is a rather Quirky letter...what can I find here in Mammoth that expresses the letter "Q"?
While contemplating my Quandary, I thought back about previous posts and photographic explorations...what begins with "Q"?
My thoughts first went to my journey around the June Lake Loop and the beautiful Quaking Aspen...


And then I thought about stopping at Gull Lake and enjoying the Quacking of the ducks...

Which then made me think of the Quacking ducklings at the Tamarack Lodge by the Twin Lakes in Mammoth...

Which made me think of the Queen Dowager, Miss Daisy...

Now my Quandary is which one to pick???

Be sure to visit ABC Wednesday to see how others expressed the letter "Q"


  1. hope you can decide! ;-)
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Ah, the Quaking Aspen, perfect & beautiful - Beautifully perfect!

  3. Enjoy all of them :-)
    The last one is very special, the dog and the grass are one somehow!

  4. Ah well's a tough choice!!!

    I agree Tricia! The Quaking Aspen colors have been fantastic!

    Thank you Elisabeth...her coloring really blended in with the golden grass!!!

  5. See, with a little effort you made it, lol !

  6. Ah quacking, LOL, good choice, love the aspens and of course Queen Dog

  7. Thanks for visiting Gattina!!! It was a tough one, but I Quietly sat and thought about all the Quirky Quips I could think of!!!

    Glad you liked the Quacking, Joy!!! the Queen Dowager Dog was belly deep in snow the other day...she let her handmaiden know she was not pleased!!!