Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What a Difference a Month Can Make!

It's only been a month...but in that month, it snowed twice, and temperatures dropped below freezing...
It's amazing how different it all looks!!!

Thanks for visiting!!!


  1. You definitely have fall over there. It is cold here at night, but warms up a lot in the day. That's our fall, as you'll remember.

  2. What gorgeous photographs these are! I especially love the first one. We've had snow once, but it did not stay with us. Plenty of time for that soon though!

    I hope you have a great day!


  3. these are such beautiful landscapes, what a wonderful place to live. I can't believe it has snowed twice - not looking forward to snow!

  4. Thanks Margaret! We've had beautiful fall colors...the end of September through the beginning of November was spectacular!!! Now the trees are mostly bare, there are remnants of snow on the ground and we're all bracing ourselves for the winter ahead...oh...and did I mention? The Mountain's open for skiing!!!

    Thank you so much Lisa and Justine!!! I found both of your blogs on the same day and am awed by your collective talent and wonderful photography!!!

  5. Theses are fabulous Kathy. You two landed in one gawgeous place. When the blogorama can find the time to come for a visit we'll have a photofrenzy. Don't forget to save a room for Earl et moi! HA

  6. We have four bedrooms, Virginia. Will you and Mr. Earl be needing one or two rooms?

  7. Like DB said V, we've got plenty of room!!!