Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"S" is for SNOW...and lot's of it!!!!'re probably getting tired of seeing the deck and the barbecue...but c'mon, yesterday's Storm was even bigger than Sunday's!!!  And I'm still a newbie!!!

That lump on the right side of the deck...our Brown and Jordan patio lounge chair...

There really is a barbecue under there...

Kind of looks like a Sea of Snow, doesn't it?!!!

The Sierra Wave just announced that this is Mammoth Mountain's Snowiest November since 2004!

Be sure to visit ABC Wednesday to see how others interpret the letter "S"!


  1. Yikes. But that's great news for us, isn't it?

  2. It's definitely great news for's going to be a packed weekend and lot's of money will be spent in the town!!! Right now it's absolutely gorgeous...deep blue skies over mountains with bright white snow...Mammoth is unusual in that when it snows, it snows a lot, then when it stops, the sun comes out and it shines bright and grey clouds hanging over the mountain...makes for a magnificent place to be!!!

  3. I am so enjoying "watching" you enjoy this! You could make a mighty fine snowman with all of that!! Have fun with each minute of it.

    Happy Thanksgiving Kathryn!


  4. thanks Lisa!!! It is fun!!! There is a snowman out there waiting to be granddaughters are coming up for Thanksgiving so I believe he will take shape!!!

  5. Yikes. We had about an inch of snow in Albany, NY on Nov 8, but fortunately it went away.
    I love the dry pavement....

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. I love snow so am enjoying all the photographs of new snow. Still waiting for ours here.

  7. Whoa.

    This is incredible! You guys didn't move to Mammoth. You moved to the North Pole!

  8. For a minute I thought that first shot was the highway...

  9. Hey Rog!!! I don't think this is going away anymore!!!

    Thank you Joy!!! It's a new experience for me!!!

    Laurie...Dave McCoy was a hydrologist so he studied where the rain and snow was all over the states...he determined that Mammoth had the most snow for yeah!!! We moved to the North Pole!!!

    Nope...that's our driveway, Petrea!!!

  10. The photo of Mammoth are outstanding! So much snow! You have such an artistic eye for the beauty around you. I enjoyed seeing all the new photos, keep shooting! xoxo Holly