Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Turning into a Winter Wonderland...

A bit more substantial snow storm yesterday, dropped about 6 inches of new snow here...for the first time, I drove through the town of Mammoth Lakes with a blanket of snow covering  everything...

Another first time shoveling snow off the driveway...
I was thinking, "this could get old"...
Until Daisy and I drove around in search of photos...


  1. Some snow on the hills not far from us yesterday - we just had horrible rain - the watermarks - I use PaintshopPro but any photo-editing software that allows you to add text would do. PSP allows me to use any font or size or colour of my choice and can angle it so I can adjust it to fit it wherever is appropriate.

  2. Thanks Gerald! I loved how you angled the watermark to match the angle of the roofline in yesterday's photo...very unique!!!

  3. These are just gorgeous. I especially like the second one. Something mysteriously beautiful about it. Well, we did not have to shovel here, but it's not gone either!!
    Have a great day!

  4. It's definitely beautiful! I love all that white under those dark clouds

  5. Thank you Lisa and Tricia!!! I'm honored that you like my photos!!! I've been to both your blogs and am in awe of such beautiful photography!!! Very different styles...very beautiful photos!!!