Thursday, November 18, 2010

R is for Rock Creek Resort...

Ooops!!!  I forgot yesterday was ABC Wednesday!!!
Today's letter is R...I thought about Retriever, but Miss Daisy's been featured a lot and I'm running out of  unusual photos of I had to think some more....
Awwww!!!  Rock Creek Resort!!!
A darling little eatery nestled in the trees at the fishing resort of the same name...with great burgers, chili, and pie!!!

Ok...just one more shot of Miss Daisy...after all, she is a Golden Retriever!!!



  1. Oh I love Miss Daisy! I have two labrador retrievers, one is yellow and one is black and they HATE me taking pictures of them!

  2. Looks like a wonderful little place to be. Can never get enough of Miss Daisy shots, and oh, by the way, save me a piece of that wonderful looking dessert!!

    Have a great day!


  3. Makes me want to get away for a while.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Thank you Justine!!! Miss Daisy pretends to not want her picture taken, but I think she's just toying with us!!!

    Sounds good Petrea...unfortunately, we'll have to wait til after Memorial Day...they're closed for the season now!

    Lisa, the people who ordered the pie were very nice and let me take pictures of their pie!!! They ate full meals, and had this enormous pie immediately after...I don't know where they put it all!!! Miss Daisy says thank you and that she was just doing her favorite thing!!!

    Always nice to get away from it all Rog!!! Moving here...we really did get away from it all!!!

  5. Another super set. And Driving Miss Daisy! (It just occurred to me to be so unoriginal :) - always worth another photo.
    We drove up Rock Creek for the 1st time last summer. My son went fishing there with the family he stays with at Convict. Very pretty. Wasn't there some really good apple pie served there too. (We didn't eat there.)
    We went to another resort to look around - they had some nice cabins for rent.

  6. Thank you Jingle!!!

    I think apple pie is their specialty,Tash! The fall colors there were the first and most spectacular!!! And she is Driving Miss Daisy...she frequently jumps into the driver's seat while we're out of the truck running errands!!!

  7. Loved the sneaky pic of Miss Daisy! Such a sweety isn't she? I have a horse living next door to me and he gallops up when he sees me - because he knows I have a carrot for him, bless!
    Thanks so much for joining in with ABC Wednesday - see you next week!

    Founder & member of ABC Team

  8. Thanks Denise! And welcome!!! Glad you came by to visit!!! Yes...Miss Daisy is a sweetie!!! (and a golden oldie!)

  9. Just love Miss Daisy. I've got a labrador here at the moment, staying for 4 months. She's called Daisy!

  10. I think our Miss Daisy would like to meet your Miss Daisy!!! Congratulations on showing your work Jilly!!! Wish we were there to visit the exhibition! (and meet Daisy!)