Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's still such a new experience!!!

It's all still such a new experience...

The first time our driveway was snow plowed...

The first time our deck is completely buried in snow...

The first time we have to be careful walking around the house, under the eaves...

The first time we've lived in a Winter Wonderland!!!

PS...this was the biggest pre-Thanksgiving snowstorm in 10 years...
4-7 feet "on the mountain"


  1. It looks so pretty. Are the skiers and snowboarders flocking in?

  2. Wow, snow already. It sure does look SO beautiful!

    You made quite a move in terms of climate! Looks wonderful fresh and clear and clean and healthy. And photogenic!

  3. They're starting to Bellis...we're anticipating a packed Thanksgiving's supposed to clear up by tomorrow...

    LOT'S of snow already Jilly!!! Right now I'm looking out our windows to a very aggressive snow storm that's been getting stronger every hour!!! I'm still getting used to having to bundle up just to take the dog out!!! It's quite a different experience! Hope I still enjoy it in March!!! Glad to hear the cleric hands made it into the exhibition...wish we were there to see it in person!!!

  4. Oh my!! It looked like quite a bit when I read your last post, but this is more than I thought!! It is beautiful though, and it sounds like you are enjoying it.

    Forecast here is for the possibility of the first big snow this weekend. We shall see...

    Have a wonderful day/evening, and if you will be celebrating Thanksgiving this week, I wish you a wonderful one.


  5. Hi Lisa!!! The barbecue from the last post is now almost completely buried in snow!!! And the deck too!!! It's been snowing heavily since early this morning...I guess I'm jumping in head first to the new experiences!!! Thanks for the T-day well wishes...hope yours is wonderful as well!

  6. how do you go from greece to snow! wow, this again looks amazing, such a magical snow post, absolutely fantastic and I love the snow on your side bar!

  7. Thanks Justine! Well I have to say, it's still snowing...hasn't let up all day...and heavy too!!!! In a few weeks I may be so tired of the snow I'll have to change the blog side bar to ocean waves or sunshine!!!

  8. Those eaves are making me nervous...