Monday, November 22, 2010

Our first BIG snow storm!!!

Remember my deck photos, here and here?

We got a tad bit more snow this weekend!!!

The barbecue on Friday....

The barbecue on Sunday!!!

I don't think we'll be barbecuing for awhile...


  1. Dear Chieftess,
    I guess your beautiful hills of snow would stay white for a long while, so you might love it! By us in town area it usually gets awfully grey in a few hours because of traffic. So we fortunatly didn´t have snowfall til now, though it could have been allready.
    Have a barbecue inmidthall this nice snow could be thrilling?

    Hugs from Austria

  2. Wow, you keep that snow where you are!

  3. Wow. Just wow. Did you buy those snowshoes?

  4. That's a lot of snow! My dogs loves the stuff, she races around like a puppy - then vomits. Does yours?

  5. Thank you Elisabeth!!! We're one of the premier ski resort towns in the US so the mountain keeps the snow pretty well...I did notice some grey snow swirling around the other day at the side of the road and thought about what the roads will look like in between storms!

    It's clear blue skies today so we'll see what happens, Yogi!!!

    No snowshoes yet Hiker!!! But I did talk to someone about them awhile back!!!

    LOL, Bellis!!! Daisy doesn't run around in it...she walks to wherever the edge is and pees right before it...even if it's in the garage!!!

  6. Wow! as I can't feel the storm, what I see is nice and quiet atmosphere, like a fairy tale! Wonderful!

  7. Welcome Antonia!!! Looking outside as it snows, it looks like a fairy tale!!! (It's only when you walk outside that reality sets in!!!)

  8. Wow, that IS a lot. So pretty though!

  9. Poor Daisy. Shovel her a little path!! These photos are amazing K!!!

  10. Now THAT is SNOW. Pretty stuff when you can see it from right next to the fireplace, innit?

  11. Yes LIsa, it's gorgeous!!! And coooold!!!! I just heard on the news that this was the heaviest pre Thanksgiving snow storm on the mountain in 10 years!!! There was between 4-7 feet of snow "on the mountain" (in the ski areas)!

    PA...I miss our house, and our friends...other than that...I'm content up here!!! A bit cold, but content!!! (ask me again in mid March!!!)

    Poor Daisy...she's a bit stiff when out in the snow...and has a bit of a tough time figuring out how to handle her business...but she's adjusting!!!

    Definitely Petrea!!! It was really cool sitting here at my computer looking out the windows at the snowfall on Sunday...we're expecting more snow tomorrow, so I get to do it again!!!

  12. Can you have food airlifted in? How do you DRIVE in that stuff?